A 3D banger car birthday cake

My dad is a huge fan of banger car racing (which consists of preparing a car for racing around a track and then racing while smashing into other vehicles). He competes in his own car and as he is a very keen racer, I made a replica of his own banger car for his birthday.

Two different flavoured cakes were used to create this design. The main body of the car was made from a chocolate chip cake and the upper part – the windows and roof – was from a simple sponge cake.

I started by layering the cakes on top of each other and securing with a slither of buttercream icing. I began to carve the cake until I got the desired car shape I was looking for. I used black fondant to cover the cake, and the same fondant was used to create the wheels of the car – made from four cupcakes with the tops cut off. The wheels were then decorated with white royal icing and silver dragees. The door and roof number plates were made from white fondant icing and the writing was piped using coloured royal icing. The royal icing, this time white, was used to pipe ‘The Pirate’ and a skull and cross bones design on the bonnet of the car.

Next I cut out the window shapes, removing them carefully so I could use the removed fondant as a stencil for the white fondant replacing it. This worked very well and the buttercream used originally to hold the black fondant to the cake was still ample to hold the new now white windows. Lastly, I covered the cake board in a green fondant and surrounded the outside with mud brown coloured butter icing. I placed the car in the middle of the board and used some of the left over brown icing to create tyre marks on the green fondant grass, I also placed some around the tyres to look as if the car had really turfed up the grass.

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