A corset birthday cake

This cake materialised from some tongue-in-cheek banter with my fiance’s uncle, as I was showing him some other cakes I had made, he asked if I could make a ‘Boob Cake’ for him. I noted the request and, unbeknown to him, I made arrangements with his wife to turn it into his birthday cake. This cake was going to be unveiled at a family party so getting the proportions right was a key element.

I started by baking the cakes, allowing them to cool and carving the figure as I wanted it to look. First the hour glass shaped body and then the breasts. I covered the whole cake in buttercream and applied the skin-coloured fondant icing to the top part of the cake. I then rolled out the pink fondant icing and carefully placed it over the lower part of the breasts and the rest of the body.

I used real black lace, silver dragees, red sweet laces and blue fondant to give detail to the corset. I also used royal blue icing to add a few more bits of added detail. The same royal icing was used to write ‘Happy Birthday Stewart’ along the top. Finally, using pink buttercream icing I decorated around the whole cake.

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  1. Stewart says:

    Abbie created this wonderful cake for my birthday!
    It was very creative and looked fantastic – the detail such as the lace trim was amazing.
    Everyone at the party were impressed and it was certainly a talking point of the evening!!
    That said, I have to say it did also taste great – the cake was light and moist and the icing was nice.
    I have now asked Abbie to create some Halloween themed cupcakes for an upcoming Halloween party we are having.
    Thanks Abbie for your lovely cake!!!

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