A retirement cake for a funeral director

As one of my colleagues who I’ve worked with for many years was retiring I decided to make him a cake for his leaving. I thought what better cake to make than something to do with his job. I tried to capture the scene of a burial taking place, along with the funeral director, coffin in the ground and a floral tribute.

The cake itself is a sponge cake with a fondant icing covering. This cake was the first fondant covered cake I’d ever made. The figure is made from fondant icing, as well as the floral tribute decoration. The piped small green bushes and surrounding piping is buttercream. Lastly, the ‘congratulations’ is piped using royal icing.

The hole in the centre of the cake to act as the grave was cut out of the cake before covering it with fondant to give a better finish to the cake. The coffin inside the hole was made from the cut out cake that was removed and then was covered in fondant icing.

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